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EQUOtip ® Hardness Tester    

EQUOtip ® Hardness Tester

Hardness Tester EQUOTIP

Hardness Tester EQUOTIP

The EQUOtip ® 2 hardness tester is a light weight, yet extremely powerful portable hardness tester for all metallic materials.  The EQUOtip® 2 portable hardness tester measures the Leeb value (L) for materials, which is a ratio of the impact velocity to the rebound velocity.  This L value is then converted to standard hardness scales such as Rockwell, Brinell, Shore, and Vickers using conversion tables stored internally in the display unit and generated from the original Leeb block.  Thus, an EQUOtip® portable hardness tester reading from today will match (within tolerance) an EQUOtip® hardness tester reading from any of the instruments since production started back in 1975.  Mobile and very accurate, the EQUOtip® 2 portable hardness tester has a large measuring range - from soft to extremely hard. The EQUOtip® 2 portable hardness tester gives a measurement within seconds and is complete with internal data storage and RS-232C interface capability.

The EQUOtip® 2 portable hardness tester can be used with a variety of Impact Devices and Support Rings that allow it to measure a wide variety of part geometries.  It is accurate in all directions and can also be used in areas with difficult access.  The EQUOtip® 2 portable hardness tester can also be used to measure thin pieces with the optional R5 probe.
Equotip Model D Kit

Includes impact device D
with 1.5m cable, electronic
indicator device with
RS232C interface, test
block D, coupling paste,
cleaning brush, battery
pack with six 1.5 V
batteries, receptacle
for external DC power
supply, carrying case

Equotip Model E Kit  

Comprises impact device
E with diamond test strip for
an extremely long life.
Recommended where the
predominant hardness
values to be measured are
in excess of 50 HRC,
respectively 650 HVor for
extra hard components up to
1200 HV.

Equotip Model G Kit

This variant version is
recommended for the exclusive
measurment of solid and heavy
components in the Brinell range.
Unit G places low demands on
the measuring location surface
finish.  Typical applications:
forgings or solid castings.

Package of the Units
EQUOTIP2 EQUOSTAT two measuring procedures
Datasheet «Data Transfer to PC»
impact device «S»

Prepaid wire transfer required for all international orders  
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